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In Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, the healthcare industry represents 12.2% of all jobs in the region, and it is predicted that healthcare-related employment needs in those counties, as well as in Pennsylvania’s northern counties, will only grow. With this in mind, Penn State Wilkes-Barre Continuing Education is offering the following healthcare workforce programs:

Nursing Management Certificate

Nurse administrators play an integral role in healthcare organizations, and health related occupations are predicted to grow dramatically over the next decade due to aging Baby Boomers. The Nursing Management credit certificate program is designed for working RNs who hold, or who aspire to hold, nurse manager positions.

Generations in the Workplace

Due to people living longer in the U.S. and having inadequate retirement savings, employees are staying in the workforce longer than has been the case in recent history. Leaders are faced with managing across four to five generations, all with different values, attitudes and expectations. Successful leadership now requires communicating with, engaging, motivating, and retaining employees from multiple generations. This course discusses the characteristics, core values, communication preferences, learning styles, and motivational messages for each generation.

Spanish in the Workplace

This course offers applied Spanish for the workplace to facilitate basic communication with employees or clients whose native language is Spanish. Emphasis is placed on oral communication and specific vocabulary used in a business context. Written and oral practice is provided to exercise the ability to find and communicate information on daily business transactions.

Project Management Certificate

This certificate program is comprised of a structured series of courses that prepare students for careers in planning and business fields.  This course is designed for employees from organizations involved in engineering, research and development, healthcare, data processing, construction, facilities management, manufacturing, corporate planning, finance, and marketing.

Supervision Essentials

Employee retention and engagement are key to successful companies. The Supervision Essentials program, developed by a faculty team with both academic and managerial experience, is designed for first-level supervisors, managers new to supervising others, and/or individuals likely to move into a supervisory role. The program features four courses; each course consists of four half-day modules (for a total of 16 modules). All classes are held in a video conferencing classroom, using Zoom video conferencing technology. Each course also has online learning components.

Population Health

This course is designed to provide students with a contextual understanding of the reasons for a renewed focus on population health as a clinical care-delivery model. The course prepares students to become active participants and leaders of new healthcare approaches that leverage a broad set of strategies and interventions known as “population health management.”