parents and their first-year student

For Parents & Families

For Parents & Families

Dear Parents and Family Members,

A student’s success depends on many things. It depends on deep commitment and a clear sense of purpose, a desire to take responsibility and make good choices, an openness to learn from mistakes and embrace new challenges. In the most fundamental ways, a student’s success depends on the student. It comes from within.

But a student’s success also depends on the support and encouragement of others. It depends on University programs and services designed and implemented with student success in mind. It depends on the prodding and love of parents and family members. It depends on you and us and so many others, and it requires our collective willingness, in just the right moment, to simply let go.

We want all Penn State students to have the opportunity to succeed. We want them to experience the excitement of discovery in their academic and personal pursuits, to learn, to grow, to find their life’s path and purpose, to take responsibility for themselves and others. And we want them to do so safely and securely; challenged by the experience, but nurtured through it, too.

We cannot achieve that ambition without your direct involvement and contribution. Please participate in as many Parents Program activities and opportunities as time allows. Let us know what we can do for you. Tell us about your experience at Penn State. Help us be the very best we can.

With all of us working together, Penn State will remain among the finest universities in the land. Together, our students—all of them—will have every good chance to succeed. They and we should expect nothing less.


Rob Pangborn
Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education

Damon Sims
Vice President for Student Affairs