Repairing harm to reduce crime

Penn State Wilkes-Barre's administration of justice program focuses on restorative justice, training students to learn more about restorative philosophies and practices. Restorative practices are designed for all parties involved to heal properly and strengthen their future relationships.

Take some time to slow down

As many of us know, college can be a notoriously stressful time without many outlets to relax or recharge. To help with that stress, Penn State Wilkes-Barre offers a variety of services in counseling to help students take care of themselves in ways they may not have considered.

Yes, it IS rocket science!

A Penn State Wilkes-Barre student and faculty member participated in a NASA workshop in Virginia this summer. Students from around the country came to learn how to build a data-acquiring rocket payload.

Students participate in research at the Friedman Observatory

As a spring-board for additional research, the project demon­strates what can be done by students who have an interest in setting their sights on the night sky.

Creativity + 3D printer = solution for art gallery

Canvases in the Friedman Art Gallery kept falling off the gallery’s hanging rods. Was there a simple and inexpensive solution?