Generations in the Workplace Program

Due to people living longer in the U.S. and having inadequate retirement savings, employees are staying in the workforce longer than has been the case in recent history. Leaders are faced with managing across four to five generations, all with different values, attitudes and expectations. Successful leadership now requires communicating with, motivating, engaging, and retaining employees from multiple generations. This course discusses the characteristics, core values, communication preferences, learning styles, and motivational messages for each generation.

Topics covered

  • By Generation
    • Characteristics
    • Core values
    • Communication preferences
    • Learning styles
    • Motivational messages
  • Trends and issues of generations in the workplace
  • Staff development, diversity
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Change
  • Mentoring

This one-day seminar will be presented in 8 hours.

To register or for more information, contact Continuing Education at 570-675-9253 or [email protected].