2013 Scholarship Dinner Held

On Wednesday, October 16th, Penn State Wilkes-Barre honored over 135 students and donors at the annual Scholarship Dinner held at Appletree Terrace. This year, Penn State Wilkes-Barre awarded more than 260 students approximately $606,000 in scholarships. Students were given the opportunity to mingle with their donors during dinner, and they were able to personally thank them.

"Penn State Wilkes-Barre gives more than an education, it gives all students a chance for unforgettable and life-changing experiences. The piece of my life that has changed me for the better and makes me smile every night is because I attend Penn State Wilkes-Barre," explained Laura Mann, one of the evening's student speakers - a senior Administration of Justice major and a Robert E. and Ruth W. Post Family Endowed Scholarship recipient. "Thank you for giving me the chance to attend a school that has become yet another family I never want to leave. Thank you for giving the students at our school a chance to create unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Thank you for supporting not only our education but our wildest and craziest dreams."

"My name is Gregory Todd Cooper. I grew up in Center City, Philadelphia and graduated from Strawberry Mansion, so the odds of me standing here tonight were not in my favor," stated the evening's other student speaker - a senior English major and Struthers Family Trustee Scholarship at Penn State Wilkes-Barre recipient. "This is a dream come true. In the inner city of Philadelphia, there are a lot of kids like me who have a dream of becoming successful, but we don't always have the support. You all made this possible for me. Instead of picking up guns and drugs, I would much rather pick up a book and a pencil."

Penn State Wilkes-Barre financial officer, Karen Kyle, spoke on behalf of the faculty and staff who endow a Wilkes-Barre Faculty and Staff Trustee Scholarship.

"How many of you attended, watched or heard about the Penn State football team's win in overtime on Saturday?" asked Kyle. "What we witnessed was a team of individuals who stuck together until the very end; individually exhausted, they drew strength from the crowd, their coaches and their sideline. Tonight draw strength from each other, you, our donors and students. You are meeting the challenge; and tonight you will inspire each other to reach higher and do more."

For a full list of scholarships awarded and their recipients, please visit wb.psu.edu/giving.