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Faculty member authors book that analyzes the TV series 'Columbo'

A Penn State Wilkes-Barre professor has written a book that analyzes the hit television series “Columbo” and the investigative methods of its main character. Christyne Berzsenyi, professor of English and coordinator of the associate degree program in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, authored “Columbo: A Rhetoric of Inquiry with Resistant Responders.” The book is scheduled for release on July 16.

Bee swarm on campus successfully relocated

It might be summer, but campus is still “abuzz” with activity – this time of the flying kind. After a swarm of bees was discovered at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, the cluster was safely relocated a few miles away.

Surveying engineering project receives international recognition

A description of a project completed by Penn State Wilkes-Barre’s engineering departments recently was published in an international journal serving thousands of scientists and professionals with focuses in photogrammetry, spatial information systems, remote sensing, computer vision and related fields.