Hayfield House

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Office coordinates academic planning, scheduling, student academic support, and the development and maintenance of academic policies. This includes:

  • Academic programs
  • Faculty
  • Academic support programs (advising, tutoring)
  • Co-curricular opportunities (Honors, Undergraduate Research)

Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Dale Jones

Dr. Jones is responsible for:

  • Overall Strategic Planning for Academic Programs and Faculty
  • Overall Strategic Planning for Academic Support Programs

Associate Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Lynda Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein provides support to the Chief Academic Officer in the following:

  • Promotion and Tenure
  • Yearly Faculty Reviews
  • Assessment of Academic Programs
  • Searches for Tenure-Track Faculty
  • Collaboration with Program Coordinators
  • Finances for Professional Development and for Programmatic Offerings
  • Support to Established Shared Academic Programs
  • Determining Faculty for University Awards (Atherton, Eisenhower and Alumni Teaching Awards)

Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Robert Faux

Dr. Faux provides support to the Chief Academic Officer in the following:

  • Academic Progress of Students
  • Workloads for Full-Time and Part-Time Instructors
  • Coordination of Course Offerings
  • Academic Advising and Learning Support
  • Searches for Non-Tenure Faculty and Fixed-Term Faculty
  • Academic Integrity and Grade Mediation and Adjudication Cases
  • Honors Program and Related Activities
  • Collaboration with Continuing Education