Risk Management Assessment

Prior to planning an event or fundraiser for your club or organization, please ask yourself these questions to assess the risk that might be involved. All events (both on and off campus), as well as fundraisers and community service must be approved by the Director of Student Affairs via the Event Intent Form.

  1. Will anyone under the age of 18 be participating in this event?
  2. Is the event being held off-campus?
  3. Did you wish to use lasers, wild animals, or fireworks for this event?
  4. Are you serving food?
  5. Does the event fall under one of the following categories: Hypnotist, Casino, Paint Ball, White Water Rafting, Ropes Courses, Horseback Riding, Massage Therapy?
  6. Will students who are participating be expected to sign a waiver?
  7. Is a service being provided by an outside agency, person or group (DJ, Caterer, Speaker, etc.)
  8. Will you be traveling on a bus, boat, or plane for this event?
  9. Will you be using a 15-passenger vehicle?