Matt Glowacki: Legless man who is redefining 'normal' to speak at Wilkes-Barre

Penn State Wilkes-Barre Health Services will host Matt Glowacki for his lecture, “Bringing Diversity into Focus” at noon Tuesday, March 13, in  Bierly Auditorium (S101) on campus.

The lecture will be a free and open to both Penn State students, as well as the public. This Student Activity Fee-sponsored event will feature keynote speaker Matt Glowacki, who will detail how he straddles the two different worlds he inhabits: the able-bodied one and the disabled one. Glowacki will offer new ways of thinking and provide a fresh perspective to his audiences, sharing first-hand accounts of living a unique lifestyle.

Glowacki, 31, owns three successful businesses, has represented his country in international athletic competition, and can even drive a car. Despite sounding like a relatively “normal” or even overachieving individual, he was born without any legs. With his simple motto of “Walking is overrated!” Glowacki has traveled the country spreading his message of awareness to over 1 million students at various college campuses. He states that his goal in public speaking is to “teach individuals not to fear interacting with diverse individuals but to be excited about the potential in others."

For over a decade, Glowacki has been “the most booked diversity speaker in the college market and has been honored with a variety of awards." He has also gained recognition having played on the USA Paralympic Sitting Volleyball team for eight years and for participating in the 2000 Paralympics in Australia. His past presentations include “Diversity According to Family Guy and South Park’, “Happy Hour 24/7”, “Walking is Over-Rated!”, and “Aren’t We All Just a Little Bit Prejudiced?”.

Glowacki also has a book slated to be released in mid-2018 titled “Able-Bodied Like Me."

For more information or to RSVP, contact Suzanne Attanasio, [email protected] or 570-675-9250.