Wi-Fi calling now supported at Penn State

To enable cellular calls in areas with weak carrier coverage or in buildings with spotty reception, Voice over Wireless, or Wi-Fi calling, is now supported at Penn State through the University’s primary cellular vendors: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

The feature, currently available on certain vendor-supported smartphones, enables users to make and receive calls and texts through any available wireless network (such as Penn State Wireless) instead of using their cellular carrier’s network connection. When making a call over Wi-Fi while on a Penn State campus, users will need to include the area code plus the seven digit number they are calling.

For installation instructions, associated costs and other information pertaining to Wi-Fi calling, users need to contact their applicable cellular service provider or reference the links below.

AT&T Wi-Fi calling information

Sprint Wi-Fi calling information

T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling information

Verizon Wi-Fi calling information

For more information regarding the University’s Cellular Services, visit Penn State Cellular Service.