Strongest Man and Woman

Want to join the Penn State club of past fitness champions? Then get ready to compete for the title of Penn State Wilkes-Barre's Strongest Man and Woman contest. The fifth annual fitness competition will be held on February 11-15, 2008 in the weight room located inside the Athletics and Recreation building on the Wilkes-Barre campus. All contestants will have to perform a series of strength exercises such as chin-ups, dips, and the bench press. Once the competitors have finished all the events, the male and female winners will be determined by the greatest combined number of repetitions from all three exercises.

To be eligible to compete in the Strongest Man and Women contest you must be a Penn State Wilkes-Barre student, faculty, staff, family, or community member. Prizes will be awarded during the competition to the first and second-place winners.

To learn more about the fitness contest, please contact Dr. Thomas Winter at 570.675.9278.