2009 Campus Awards

The campus recently honored faculty and staff at the annual spring campus meeting:

Hayfield Awards

Fran Brown Humanitarian Award given to Student Support Services staff
The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward an outstanding member of our campus community - or a campus team - for fostering an environment that values civility and celebrates diversity. This individual or team will consistently build community by appreciating each person's uniqueness and by making everyone feel welcomed. This award is named after a former campus employee who in her day-to-day interactions epitomized these core values of sensitivity and concern for others.

Hayfield Research Excellence Award given to Dr. Wei-Fan Chen
This award is given to a PSU WB faculty member who has made a significant contribution to his or her professional field.  Such contribution might include publishing or presenting a research paper or literary or other creative work or significantly participating in professional activities.

Hayfield Excellence in Service to Campus Award given to Janis Winter
This award is given to a Penn State Wilkes-Barre faculty or staff member, a Penn State Wilkes-Barre Advisory Board member, a Penn State Alumnus, or a Friend of Penn State Wilkes-Barre who has made a significant voluntary and unpaid contribution to the campus or the community beyond the capacity of his or her university-recognized or professional obligations.

Service Awards

  • 5 Years: Gail Stevens, Melleray Thompson
  • 10 Years: Carl Puskar, uce Reid
  • 15 Years: Dr. David Chin, Dr. Anatoli Ivanov
  • 20 Years: John Barnes, William Chickillo, Paul Chocallo, Dr. Charles Ghilani
  • 25 Years: David Guzofsky, Dr. Joseph Jumpeter, Salvatore Marsico, JD, Jack Monick, Thomas Weaver

Chancellor's Awards

  • Above and Beyond Faculty Award given to Dr. Thomas Seybert
  • Above and Beyond Staff Award given to Jacqueline Warnick-Piatt
  • Above and Beyond Staff Award given to Karen Brace-Hodle
  • Teamwork Award given to the Physical Plant staff
  • Kate Brennan Student Focus Award  given to Dr. Robert Faux
  • Up & Coming Award given to Dr. Daniel Blessner
  • "Go To" Award given to Janet (A.J.) Decker
  • Attitude Award given to Carol Scheff
  • Lion's Roar Award given to Jack Monick