"Jack-tivities" Help New Students Break the Ice

Penn State Wilkes-Barre recently held its annual orientation program for first-year and transfer students.  On Thursday, August 20, a group of more than 20 current students and recent alumni served as Orientation Leaders and spent time getting to know the newest members of the Penn State family through "Jack-tivities."

Jack Chambers of Creative Educational Concepts led the Orientation Leaders and first-year students through a series of games and activities designed to stimulate conversation, build relationships, and welcome them to Penn State Wilkes-Barre.

Students not only introduced themselves and their interests, but also participated in team building and leadership exercises.

During one "Jack-tivity" students were given the task of physically supporting each other while having only half of their total number of feet on the floor.  Chambers explained that the exercise was more than a physical challenge, but also a metaphor, that the people around them would become their family, the people who support them and whom they also support.

Orientation continued on Friday, August 21 with a convocation and introduction to faculty and staff.  New students were shown around campus, participated in various discussions, and met with faculty from their respective academic colleges.  A campus-wide luncheon, workshops, and a "40 Minutes or Less" info session were part of the day's events.

Collage of photos from Orientation 2009