Congratulations, Class of 2011!

On Saturday, May 14 Penn State Wilkes-Barre honored 103 of Penn State University's best and brightest during a commencement ceremony which took place in the campus Athletic and Recreation Building. Thirteen students earned their associate degrees and 90 received baccalaureate degrees:

Associate in Information Sciences and Technology: Thomas E. Wheate

Associate in Letters, Arts, and Sciences: Sara Klick, Kelsey M. Blaskiewicz, Corey D. Thorpe

Associate in Surveying Technology: Patrick R. Chocallo, Alex B. Kinzey, Timothy M. May, Zachary M. Mellott, Shawn J. Palsgrove, Shaun M. Quick, Tyler D. Ray, Jason Solon, Kristine J. Strong

Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice: Vincent J. Kundrik, Andrew J. Race, Matthew J. Santarelli, Nicole Sworen

Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice: Todd M. Belles, Priscilla Benesky, Brian Bunney, Heather Evans, Kristen L. Finkler, Stephen C. Haas, Bryan A. Harding, Albert R. Levanavage, Shaun M. McCarthy, Sean M. McMahon, Jason D. Medrano, Eric W. Morgantini, Mark B. Orlando, Raymond A. Perry, Faith A. Prussock, Lauren Scarsella, Mitchell J. Smith, Lacy L. Strong, Elizabeth Sukaloski

Bachelor of Science in Business: Briana Alaimo, Sudan Chen, Howard J. Coolbaugh, Samuel A. Dimick III, Richard A. Emiliani III, Brian R. Feleccia, Michael Gitkos, Amanda E. Gongleski, Michael P. Haley, Kevin J. Harcarik, Nicholas M. Kalinay, Tony Lajeune, Christopher M. McCullion, Caitlyn A. Munley, Jessica R. Musto, Rebekah L. Nulton, Amanda J. Singer, Robert E. Stitzer, Jr., Amy M. Welgus, Jason H. Yu, John D. Zack, Lynne J. Ziegelbauer

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology: Daniel A. Dymond, Joseph J. Homza, Jr., Andrew Kempinski, Steven R. Lutz, Jr., Darryl J. Schwarz,

Bachelor of Arts in English: Caitlin L. Akins, Lawrence G. Berti, Marcelo F. Da Rocha, Samantha E. Davis, David J. Konicki, Kristy M. Kravitsky, Anna M. Miller, Gencina M. Ricca, Larissa S. Robak

Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology: Aaron Blockus, Suxia Chen, Paul M. Dildine, Michael E. Dubil III, Karen J. Hynes, Leo J. Monelli, Bernard D. Montigney, Jr., Angela E. Musto, Jeffrey M. Naperski, Robert P. Naro, Matthew T. Ogonosky, Michael D. Pelleschi, Steven M. Rosar, Matthew L. Rutschky, Craig A. Simko

Bachelor of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences: Mallory N. Delaney

Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering: Jonathan L. Chesnick, Darren L. Hauser, Christopher R. Jackson, James Kovalik, Randy R. Lucas, Andrew T. Olshefski, Isaiah M. Smith, Joshua D. Witmer


In addition, several students from other campuses elected to participate in Penn State Wilkes-Barre's commencement exercises:

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising/Public Relations: Courtney Senghaas

Bachelor of Science in Biology: Amanda Touey

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Rebecca A. Davis

Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration: Peter J. Kneidinger

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism: Jessica Spencer

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering: Kevin Hazleton

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences: Mia Esopi


Several students also graduated with honors of distinction:

Highest Distinction: Mark B. Orlando, Shawn J. Palsgrove
High Distinction: Sudan Chen, Nicholas M. Kalinay
Distinction: Suxia Chen, Mia Esopi, Darren L. Hauser, Karen J. Hynes, Jason D. Medrano, Michael D. Pelleschi, Larissa S. Robak, Lynne J. Ziegelbauer

For more information, please contact Melissa Gunshannon, Public Information Coordinator at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, at [email protected] or 570-675-9269.

 Commencement Photos by Photography by Andy

Photos courtesy of Andy Molitoris, Photography by Andy