Penn State Wilkes-Barre Honor Society Students Give2TheTroops

Members of the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Honor Society have completed their second drive for troops serving overseas.

The local honor students recently delivered nearly a thousand pounds of goods ranging from personal grooming products to microwave popcorn, instant hot chocolate, powdered drinks, stationery and envelopes and other items to Give2TheTroops in Fairfield, Connecticut. The most recent delivery was assisted by a collection drive at the Lake Lehman Elementary School under the direction of Mrs. Doreen Johnson.

Give2TheTroops, an organization dedicated to sending cards and care packages to service members deployed overseas, has supported approximately 1 million deployed U.S. Troops since December 2002. To date, with the help of patriotic friends in the U.S., Give2TheTroops has sent more than 120,000 boxes (70lbs each) and more than 40 million cards and letters.

The Penn State Wilkes-Barre honor students originally held a drive in Spring 2011 which resulted in a carload of donated goods being driven to the drop-off point which is the Fairfield police department. At that time the students learned what supplies were needed most in cold weather and the current delivery began to take shape.


Pictured Left To Right: Tim Graham, Kyle Casterline, Lee Kazokas, Caitlyn Traver, Maureen Janda, Jennifer Marsillo, Sgt. Suzanne Luzzier, and Bill Bachman.