Penn State Wilkes-Barre Introduces Class of Spring 2013 Athletics Interns

Athletic Director of Penn State Wilkes-Barr, Brian Stanchak is proud to introduce the spring 2013 athletics interns. The interns include: Jeff Huss, Matt Barrett, Nick Ferguson, and Andrew Jadick. Jeff Huss is a senior Sports Management major at Misericordia University from Danville, PA. He competed in cross country for four years at Misericordia. Jeff is looking to pursue a job at the college level such as Athletic Director or Game Operations Manager. Matt Barrett is a senior at Lock Haven University studying Sports Administration. Matt is from Hazleton, PA. Matt is a member of the Sports Administration Society and Sports Haven Radio. Matt wants to work in a Major League Baseball front office. Nick Ferguson is a junior from Milton, PA, who studies Sports Management at Misericordia University. Nick is currently on the soccer team at Misericordia. He would like to pursue a position as an Athletic Director or coach in the future. Andrew Jadick is also a senior from Scranton, PA, at Misericordia University, studying Sports Management. Andrew played on the golf team at Misericordia. He wants to work in the professional sports field after graduation. The Interns will be helping with game operations, intramural sports, social media, and promoting games.