Academic Affairs Announces New Courses For Fall 2014

In an effort to continue improving the educational experience offered to our students, the Division of Academic Affairs announced that the Wilkes-Barre campus will be offering 3 new courses that will be available for Fall 2014.

HIST 110: Nature and History. This course is a broad introduction to the history of human relationships with nature through the world. This course encourages students to break down the barriers that often divide the humanities and the sciences.This course will be taught by Dr. Fred Stefon, Associate Professor of History. HIST 110 satisfies the General Education Humanities requirement and International Cultures requirement.

GD 100: Introduction to Graphic Design. This course is a beginning graphic design course focusing on the practice, history, theories and analysis of the design industry. It places emphasis on problem solving and observing design, while developing intuition and creativity. GD 100 will be taught by Bill Chickillo, Lecturer in Visual Arts. GD 100 satisfies the General Education Arts requirement.

FD SC 105: Food Facts and Fads. This course is an introductory food course that broadly surveys various aspects of food, nutrition and health. The course explores the components of the food system from producer to the consumer, and examines issues related to modern food technology, food and nutrition policies, and changes in the food industry. This course will be taught by Mary Ehret, Lecturer in Nutrition. FD SC 105 satisfies the General Education Health and Physical Activity requirements.