PSU Wilkes-Barre Baseball Wins Both Against PSU Worthington Scranton

After a doubleheader victory against Penn State Hazleton, the Mountain Lions picked up two more wins against Penn State Worthington Scranton Friday afternoon. In game one Wilkes-Barre won 5-3; Sherry, Portugal, Carter, Weiss and Meyers all picked up a run on the day and K. Meyers, J. Carter and N. Myers all recorded an RBI. In game two they went on to defeat Worthington Scranton by a huge victory of 16-3. Rambus, Parchinski, Gulbierz (2), Walker, Carter, Weiss (2), Zionce, Sherry (2), Osorio, Portugal, and Meyers (3) scored to soar over their opponent. Stimmel recorded a pitching win in game one and Weiss in game two. The Mountain Lions are now on a four-game winning streak and will face Penn State Schuylkill on Thursday April 24th, at 2:00 and 4:30 p.m.