Three New Degree Programs Coming To Campus

Chancellor Charles Davis, Dr. Albert Lozano-Nieto, and Penn State Wilkes-Barre Academic Affairs are pleased to announce the addition of three new degree programs beginning the 2014-2015 Academic Year: Corporate Communication, Rehabilitation and Human Services, and Business - Accounting Option.

The Penn State Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication (CC) prepares students for public information and media relations positions in profit and non-profit organizations. The program is distinguished by its cross-disciplinary course work in business, information systems, human behavior, and oral, written, and visual communication. In addition, there is a required field experience. The CC program provides a broad foundation in business principles, including team projects and problem solving; ethics; oral, written and visual communication skills; and psychology. The major is designed to prepare students for a variety of career fields including human resources, public relations, training and development, and public information. Careers in public relations, human resources, event planning, and marketing are just a few of the avenues open to graduates with a Corporate Communication degree.

The Penn State Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Human Services (RHS) trains students interested in improving quality of life for persons impacted by disabilities. RHS professionals work with a variety of people across the lifespan who experience problems in psychosocial, physical, mental, educational, vocational, and recreational aspects of their lives. Examples of client groups RHS professionals work with include people with mental, cognitive, developmental, addiction, sensory, and/or physical disabilities and chronic illness; people experiencing violence; people living in poverty; and people who are homeless. Graduates pursue employment in a variety of settings including rehabilitation centers, drug and alcohol programs, senior citizens centers, community mental health programs, mental retardation programs, corrections systems, and hospitals. Increasing opportunities are available in private for-profit insurance programs for the industrially injured, and in employee assistance programs within business and industry.

The Penn State Bachelor of Science Degree in Business - Accounting Option is the perfect choice for students who aspire to work in business services, especially the financial sector. The curriculum is designed to allow students to master not only their chosen focus of accounting, but also core business concepts like management and marketing. The scope of the major ensures that graduates are marketable and well-rounded. This four-year, professionally-oriented program prepares students for a fast-paced and ever-changing workplace. Students aren't reviewing outdated case studies; they're developing solutions to real-world problems. They learn to collect and analyze financial data, think critically, and communicate effectively. Because accountants are essential to an organization's financial health they continue to be in demand. The hiring outlook is positive, with employment in accounting and auditing expected to grow faster than average through 2018.

As the Director of Academic Affairs and a faculty member, I couldn't be more pleased to see these new degree programs added to our campus' portfolio of baccalaureate degrees," explains Dr. Albert Lozano-Nieto. "In today's economic climate, our students need to be afforded every advantage in order to reach their ultimate goals, whether that be post grad work, a career path, etc. By adding these three blossoming fields of study, we are offering our students that advantage."