Penn State Wilkes-Barre Walks To Great Wall of China

A team of 25 faculty and staff members at Penn State Wilkes-Barre are taking part in Penn State University's annual Wellness Walk. 

For six weeks, Penn State Wilkes-Barre's walking team will attempt to collectively cover enough miles walking or running throughout the Wyoming Valley to make it all the way to the Great Wall of China which is approximately 6,805 miles away from State College. Along the way, they will hit milestones such as Edmonton, Canada (1,869 miles), Anchorage, Alaska (3,988 miles), and Tokyo, Japan (6,655 miles) before arriving at the Great Wall. 

Pictured: (L-R) Front Row - Gail Stevens, Sandra Race, Michelle Yaple, Marilyn Olenick, and Karen Brace-Hodle. Back Row - Karen Ford, Denise Belles, Patricia Staskiel, Stephanie Andaloro, Karen Winters, and Ann Brennan. 

Team Members Not Pictured: Patricia Arcangeli, Suzanne Attanasio, Charles Davis, Ellen Gregorio, Leslie Livingstone, Albert Lozano, Carol Scheff, Dave Scheff, Adam Sutliff, Jacqueline Warnick-Piatt, and Rachel Rybicki.