Penn State supply chain management faculty member to give keynote at awards

LEHMAN, PA – On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Penn State Wilkes Barre’s newest faculty member and project and supply chain management coordinator, Justin Goldston, is giving the keynote speech at the virtual Global Women in Supply Chain Leadership Awards 2020.

Justin Goldston

Justin Goldston

Credit: Penn State

Goldston joined Penn State Wilkes-Barre's faculty this semester. “My current mindset when it comes to diversity and inclusion is 'if I don't do it, then who will?' So, I became an advocate for women and minorities in the supply chain industry after waiting to see how the industry would incorporate it and quickly realizing there was more talk than action,” said Goldston.

Goldston holds a doctorate in management leadership and organizational change and master’s degrees in philosophy, management leadership and organizational change as well as in professional studies, all from Walden University. He completed his bachelor’s degree in supply chain management at North Carolina A&T and earned a master’s degree in supply chain management from Penn State. Before teaching at Penn State, Goldston taught at various institutions, including Davenport University, North Carolina Wesleyan College, the Jack Welch Management Institute, Southern New Hampshire University and Aurora University.

Goldston’s involvement in the Global Women in Supply Chain Leadership Awards 2020 began after he was contacted on LinkedIn by the event coordinator. He was initially offered a spot on the panel; however, his work in diversity and inclusion in the supply chain industry secured him the keynote to kick off the event.

“A wide variety of diversity and inclusion means incorporating those from varying backgrounds, age groups, experiences and ethnicities,” Goldston said. “With women more fully emerging in STEM, the innovative thinkers that are starting and acquiring companies understand the thoughts and ideas of those from different backgrounds, experiences, and ethnicities lead to a competitive advantage. The success of companies comes from their adaptation over time through diversity and inclusion programs. They are ‘walking the talk.’”

Goldston’s keynote is an extension of his peer-reviewed journal article, “Pandemically Speaking: Sustaining Corporate Social Responsibility During Times of Uncertainty.” The keynote discusses positive impact on social responsibility practices, a remote workforce, supply chain strategy and global diversity and inclusion. His new findings emphasize the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workforce with a focus on new data regarding age demographics.

“Through my work as an advocate to get more women and minorities into the supply chain industry, I tell them it is tough, but if you demonstrate your knowledge and show how you can immediately bring value, misperceptions quickly diminish,” said Goldston.

The three-day virtual Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Awards 2020 begins Tuesday, Sept. 22, and features keynote speeches, panel discussions, industry presentations from 20 high-profile speakers, and the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry. The event will conclude with an award ceremony on Sept. 24 that will announce the award winners across six categories.