Honors Program

Welcome to the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Honors Program!

The Penn State Wilkes-Barre Honors Program is an academic scholars program that educates the students of today to build our collective future. The program prioritizes an interactive, challenging, and holistic approach to scholarship, service, and enrichment. In addition to taking specialized courses, honors scholars will pursue research initiatives, broaden their perspective through study and travel opportunities, and have an impact on their local community through service activities.

Honors program scholars will join a vibrant academic community of students and faculty committed to learning and working together to build a sustainable future. Sustainability is the simultaneous pursuit of human health and happiness, environmental quality, and economic well-being for current and future generations. The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals serve as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by addressing the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (click the image to read detailed information about the goals)

New heading here?

Do we need a new heading here to encompass Scholarship, Service, and Enrichment? (If so, what would we call it?) If not, then those three headings below would be promoted to top level headings.

Take these core concepts from the pdf and break them out and talk about them under the three sections below. Engaged Learning ● Interactive Classroom Experiences ● Collaboration ● Supportive Learning Community ● Learner Centered ● Cross-Pollinations; Connections ● Responsibility ● Creativity ● Inclusion ● Head-centered AND heart-centered leaders ● Stewardship ● Critical analysis ● Empathy

Venn diagram of three overlapping circles: Scholarship, Service, and Enrichment, with Honors Program in the center.


A general statement about scholarship goes here. Include this info:

First/Second Years

  • Honors coursework
    • PSU 8 (Required)
    • ENGL 30
    • CAS 100A
    • Ethics Course (required)
    • Leadership Course
    • Cohort-specific project-based courses rooted in sustainability
  • Internship
  • Immersive experience
  • Service Learning
  • Humanities course with embedded travel

Third/Fourth Years

  • 400-level coursework in major
  • Present at Celebration of Scholarship
  • NE Regional Honors Council
  • Maintain 3.4 Cumulative GPA
  • Complete capstone course


A general statement about service goes here. Flesh out with examples such as:

  • Roadside cleanup
  • Arts at Hayfield
  • Homespun Holiday
  • Clothing drive
  • Fabric/shoe recycling
  • Soup kitchen/community food bank
  • Community Reading Day


Enrichment text goes here. We need examples with descriptions, including Travel, Peer Mentorship Training Networking, Career Readiness Support

Honors Program Benefits

Some sentence goes here, like "In addition to everything above, the following are benefits of participating in the Honors Program" but written better :-)

  • priority registration
  • funding
  • 2+2 and associates students who complete the program will earn an honors certificate
  • 4-year students who complete the program (including capstone) will earn an honors medal
  • other stuff

Please note: the Honors Program at Penn State Wilkes-Barre is not associated with the Schreyer Honors College, and being an honors scholar does not guarantee admission to the Schreyer Honors College if you should apply when transitioning to University Park.

How to Apply

Application instructions go here, with link to form.