Fleet Vehicle Guidelines

If the campus vehicle is available when you have travel planned, you must use it unless you are not seeking reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle. See Cost Saving Measures for Travel by Car for additional information.

Priority of Usage:

  1. Multiple occupants, long trip
  2. Single occupant, long trip
  3. Multiple occupants, short trip
  4. Single occupant, short trip

Reserve through the Business Office:

  • Contact: Vinelle Johnson ([email protected], 675-9244)
  • Provide destination, number of passengers, and date(s) of travel.

Pick-up & Return of Keys:

  • There is a key drop box mounted outside the entrance to the Hayfield House Security Office.
  • The box is often used when picking up the keys early in the morning after someone returned the vehicle late the prior evening. In a situation like this, we give the key to unlock the drop box to the individual who needs to pick up the vehicle keys early in the morning and ask that same person to put the drop box keys IN the drop box after they have retrieved the vehicle keys. Please be sure to follow these instructions when you use the drop box.
  • Unless other prior arrangements were made, see the Business Office staff for keys.

Authorization to Use Vehicle: All drivers must have their driver’s license number and expiration date on file with the Business Office prior to driving the campus vehicle.

Log Book: There is a log book in the campus vehicle. For each trip, you must log the date, mileage in and out, department (budget # if applicable), and name of user.

Return of Vehicle: Return vehicle with gas tank ½ full or more to its designated reserved parking spot in the visitor area on University Drive. There is a Fuel Credit Card in the vehicle for your use when filling the gas tank. 

Text Messaging & Cell Phone Use: In accordance with Policy SY37, talking and/or texting on interactive wireless communication devices while operating University-provided vehicles is not allowed (drivers may engage in telephone conversation using hands-free methods or devices).

No Smoking in Vehicle: In accordance with Policy BS20, smoking is prohibited.

In An Emergency:

  • Security has another key.
  • Breakdown instructions are in the vehicle. Please be sure to use them if needed.

Revised 10/01/18