Cost-Saving Measures for Travel by Car

The following outlines the options available to you when traveling by car.

Option #1: Campus Fleet Vehicle

Penn State Wilkes-Barre has a fleet vehicle at the campus and the objective is to maximize its use. If the campus fleet vehicle is available, you should use it as your first option. A reservation request can be made by contacting Vinelle Johnson ([email protected], 675-9244).

The campus is charged $0.35 for any miles over 1,000 for the month, so if the campus fleet vehicle does not exceed 1,000 miles in any given month, no budget will be charged for the use of the campus fleet vehicle. For miles exceeding 1,000, campus budgets will be charged according to the vehicle log.

Before returning the car to the campus, please fill the gas tank using the University fleet gas card (not your Purchasing Card OR personal credit card) to ensure there is enough fuel for the next driver.

Option #2: Enterprise Car Rental

If the campus fleet vehicle is not available, the second option is to use Enterprise Rent-A-Car to rent a car for the day at a current rate of $34 for a mid-sized vehicle. You need to use the corporate ID discount numbers to get that rate.

Please remember to refuel the rental car. You can use your Purchasing Card to do this; just keep the receipts and complete your travel report in SAP Concur or have your delegate complete it for you. Please remember, you can only use your Purchasing Card for the purchase of gas when refueling a rental car.

Option #3: Personal Vehicle

If options one and two are not available, you may use your personal vehicle, with your supervisor’s approval. You will only be reimbursed at a rate of $75/day or the current University reimbursement rate (currently $.655/mile), whichever is less. (Please note that, effective 06/01/22, we have increased the rate from $50/day to $75/day to accommodate the increase in current gas prices. This is a temporary increase, which will be reevaluated as needed.)