Note-Taking Hints

  1. Keep a written record.
  2. Sit where you’ll be seen.
  3. Do some advance reading.
  4. Record notes systematically.
    1. Use full-sized 8½ x 11 inch paper.
    2. Keep all the notes from each course together in separate sections of a notebook.
    3. Use a loose-leaf notebook; section it into parts with dividers and index tabs.
    4. Date each day’s notes and number each page.
    5. Take notes on one side of the page only and leave space at the top of the page and at the left-hand margin.
    6. Write legibly.
    7. Abbreviate recurring terms in order to save time.
  5. Use an outline for notes.
  6. Be alert for signals.
  7. Write down examples.
  8. Write down details that connect or explain.
  9. Leave some blank spaces.
  10. Ask questions.
  11. Take notes during discussions.
  12. Take notes right up to the end of class.
  13. Review your notes every night.