Benefits of Career Counseling

Career counseling is not a one day event; rather it is a process which occurs over time. Career counseling can help a student feel confident that they’ve explored their options and made the most appropriate career choice. The earlier career counseling is begun, the more thorough and effective the search process can be for the student.

The process of career counseling is an active one, where the student and counselor work together. Career counseling:

  • familiarizes the student with his/her values, interests, skills, and abilities, through the use and individualized interpretation of career-interest inventories.
  • explores the vast range of majors available at Penn State University and helps a student choose a major and a career—possibly one which the student wasn’t even aware existed!
  • provides information on average starting salaries, job descriptions, and the likes and dislikes of professionals in career areas, by the use of the Discover program. 

In sum, individualized discussions with a career counselor can help a student find a career choice with which they will be happy; which is consistent with his/her values, interests, skills, and abilities; and from which they will be able to support themselves financially.