The Office of Student Conduct

As a student at Penn State there are expectations that the University has of your behavior. These expectations can be found in our established Code of Conduct. The Director of Student Services and Engagement is charged with the responsibility of facilitating the disciplinary process to address student behavior and violations of the Code of Conduct. Any member of the campus community can make a complaint by contacting the Director of Student Services and Engagement. The process for faculty, staff, and student complaints is described below.

Student Conduct Referrals

For Students

Students should be held accountable to the University’s Code of Conduct by their student peers. If you are a student and you witness the behavior of another student that you feel needs to be addressed by the University, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Note the following: name of student, name of all witnesses, date/time/place of the event.
  2. Describe the event/incident.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Student Services and Engagement to discuss the incident and bring all noted details.

You can email the Director of Student Services and Engagement ([email protected]) with any questions about your complaint.

For Faculty and Staff

To report non-academic incidents that take place in the classroom complete the Incident Reporting Form.

In completing the form please include the following:

  • Your name and title
  • Student Information that you know (name, id number, etc.)
  • Nature of the Incident: “General Conduct”
  • Location of the incident: “Wilkes-Barre On-Campus”
  • Specific location: your course, section, and classroom location.
  • Detailed description of the incident and the actions that you followed. Faculty should refer to Classroom and Syllabus Guidelines for Instructors Related to COVID-19.

Once you submit the form, the Director of Student Services and Engagement will be made aware of the incident and will proceed to address the issue through the Penn State Student Conduct Code process.