The Roaming Lion: Student on the Street

Roaming Lions are Penn State Wilkes-Barre students “on the street.” They interview members of our community to capture all that’s wonderful about our campus from a student’s perspective. We are small but mighty! Walk along with us as we... 

The Roaming Lion Episode 8: Dawn of a New Era

In this episode, new Roaming Lions Brady Sholtis and Shamonie Rose usher in a new era of cinema at Penn State Wilkes-Barre.

The Roaming Lion Episode 7: Talking 2+2

In this episode of The Roaming Lion, Niko Feduchak sits down in the Student Commons for a chat with a few students who, like him, are on our 2+2 Plan.

The Roaming Lion Episode 6: Not Saying Goodbye

A group of our fall graduates share their best advice for the next generation of Penn State Wilkes-Barre students in this episode of The Roaming Lion.

The Roaming Lion Episode 5: We Are Thankful

Our campus community shares the many things they are grateful for in this Thanksgiving-themed episode of The Roaming Lion.

The Roaming Lion Episode 4: Brystal’s Bag

In our fourth episode of The Roaming Lion, Victoria Vespico heads to State College with this 2+2 student to unpack it all.

The Roaming Lion Episode 3: 16 Questions with Jason Eiden

In our third episode of The Roaming Lion, electrical engineering technology major Jason Eiden answers 16 rapid-fire questions from Victoria Vespico. Check out what Jason had to say about his Penn State Wilkes-Barre experience, hobbies, interests and much more.

The Roaming Lion Episode 2: Bear, Berry or Bar with Mayor Brown

A group of our fall graduates In our last episode of The Roaming Lion, Victoria Vespico polled students and staff on how they pronounce "Wilkes-Barre." It was clear that the Bears had it. Now, in Episode 2, she’s in the heart of Wilkes-Barre and joined by special guest Mayor Brown who clarifies the correct answer and discusses exciting new developments for our neighboring community, too.

The Roaming Lion Episode 1: Bear, Berry or Bar?

In our first edition of The Roaming Lion, your Student on the Street Victoria Vespico takes to the campus to see how students and staff pronounce it: Penn State Wilkes-Bear, Penn State Wilkes-Berry, or Penn State Wilkes-Bar.