Police & Public Safety Staffing Request

Penn State Wilkes-Barre Employees: If you are planning an event outside of Penn State Wilkes‑Barre’s normal operating hours that may require additional police and/or public safety officers, the following steps are required:

  1. Enter the event in 25Live and be sure to select “Security Officer” as a resource in addition to any other resources that may be required.
  2. To determine if any, or how many, officers are needed, you must contact Commander Dale Osenbach to discuss the details.
  3. If it is decided that additional police and/or public safety officers are needed (outside of the regularly scheduled officers), you must complete a Police/Safety Staffing Request Form (required by the University Police & Public Safety department). Please note:
    1. Be sure to list the number of officers agreed upon with Commander Osenbach.
    2. Requests must be for a two-hour minimum per officer.
  4. If the doors to a building need to be open outside of their regularly scheduled times, a separate form must also be filled out to ensure access to the building at the requested date and time: Request a New CCURE Door Schedule or Modify an Existing Door Schedule.