Ivanov, Anatoli

Professor, Mathematics
Office Phone: 570-675-9166
Office Location: Science Center, Room 108C
Office Hours: 
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 12:00–13:00
Mailing Address:
Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Old Route 115, P.O. Box PSU
Lehman, PA 18627

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I am Professor of Mathematics of the Pennsylvania State University, USA (since 1994). Since my PhD in 1983 I have been employed, held a long term visiting position or a Fellowship at numerous academic institutions around the world including: Institute of Mathematics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine; Institute of Mathematics, University of Munich and Institute of Mathematics, University of Giessen, Germany; University of Rhode Island, Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA; Deakin University, Melbourne, and University of Ballarat, Australia; University of Chile, Santiago, and University of Talca, Chile; University of Vigo, Spain.

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

In 1988 I was awarded the “Prize with Medal for Young Scientists” of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences for a series of publications on interval maps and their applications (shared with my colleague Dr. V.V. Fedorenko). This is a national prize with only one award in mathematics.

I was awarded Research Fellowships by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in 1985, 1997 and 1998 (Japan), the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowships in 1990, 1998, 2001, 2004, and 2010 (Germany), and the Fulbright Fellowship in 2002 (USA) for a research/teaching project in Chile.

Teaching Experience

My teaching career spans over 25 years and includes extensive and various pedagogical experience in a number of countries such as Ukraine/USSR, Australia, and the United States. I have taught practically every course on the undergraduate curriculum in mathematics. In addition, I have taught a number of the graduate level courses which deal with various aspects in dynamical systems and differential equations, including applications of functional differential equations in modeling of real life phenomena. I have been teaching at the Pennsylvania State University since 1994. With every regular course in mathematics I usually offer the Honors Option for that course, which assumes the in-depth and expanded study of the subject. In addition I have offered and supervised a number of student research projects.

Research Interests
My research interests are in differential equations (ordinary, delay, functional), dynamical systems, difference equations, bifurcation theory, and chaotic systems. I am particularly interested in applications of these to engineering, biological, and economics problems. (AMS Subject Classification: 34K, 37E, and 39A)
My recent work has been concerned with the asymptotic behavior of solutions of differential delay equations, including the existence and stability of periodic solutions and chaotic behavior, optimization and control in functional differential equations, as well as with one-dimensional dynamical systems.
I frequently collaborate with people whose specialties lie outside my own. I find collaboration, in general, to be a fruitful and enriching process. Currently I have active collaborative ties and joint ongoing research projects with several research groups around the world. They include:
• University of Talca, Chile (Prof. S. Trofimchuk)
• CIAO, University of Ballarat (Drs. M. Mammadov and Z. Dzalilov)
• Kiev National University, Ukraine (Profs. D. Khusainov and I. Dzhalladova)
• University of Giessen, Germany (Prof. Dr. H.-O. Walther and Prof. Dr. B. Lani-Wayda)
• Shimane University, Japan (Prof. T. Furumochi)
• University of Calgary, Canada (Prof. A. Swishchuk)
• University of Vigo, Spain (Prof. E. Liz)