Clemente, Theresa

Lecturer, Business Administration
Business Internship Coordinator
Office Phone: 570-675-9293
Office Location: Hayfield House, 312
Office Hours: 
Monday: 1:15-2:15 P.M. Wednesday: 1:15-2:15 P.M., and 3:30-5:30 P.M., and by appointment
Mailing Address:
Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Old Route 115, P.O. Box PSU
Lehman, PA 18627

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The Institute for Economic Development and Public Policy, Back Mountain Chamber of Commerce, Service Learning Initiatives for Downtown Collegetown and local community businesses (profit and non-profit). Center for Retail Solutions and Kohl's case challenge.

Research Interests
Senior Citizen Consumer Behavior
Wilkes-Barre YMCA
Movies 14
Party on the Square
Swipe Card Study
Downtown Collegetown Initiatives for the Joint Urban Studies Center and Diamond City Partnership