Parking and Traffic Regulations

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Every student who operates a motor vehicle (including motorcycles, motor bikes, motor scooters, and any other motor-driven vehicle, except "mopeds") on Penn State Wilkes-Barre, shall register with the Police & Public Safety Office in Hayfield House and obtain a parking permit. There is no charge for the permit.

The acceptance by any student of the privilege of parking a motor vehicle on campus also constitutes acceptance of the responsibility to see that no vehicle owned or registered in his or her name is parked or driven in violation of these regulations. Vehicle registration shall be made at the same time a student registers for classes. If the student is unable to complete the vehicle registration procedures at the beginning of any semester, he or she must register his or her vehicle in the Police & Public Safety office, located in the lower level of Hayfield House, before the vehicle is operated on Penn State Wilkes-Barre. Student cars in a carpool must display the "pool permit" in the window so that it is plainly visible. This permit must be marked "pool" and must also show the license numbers of the cars that are authorized for the pool.

Parking and traffic regulations for students are in effect at all times. A detailed statement of student parking regulations is given to each student at registration. Copies of these regulations may be secured at anytime in the Police & Public Safety office, located in the lower level of Hayfield House.

Failure to register a vehicle entails a fine of $20 per offense. Repeated violations of parking rules and regulations may lead to disciplinary action.

If it becomes necessary for a student to leave his or her car on campus between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., he or she should obtain permission from the coordinator of Police & Public Safety by submitting a written request. This request should include his or her reason for leaving the vehicle, and the year, model, color and license number of the vehicle.

Parking regulations are in effect on the first day of class each semester. Permits must be hung on the rear view mirror as described in the regulations.

Parking Locations

Students must park in the designated parking areas located in the general parking lot to the left of University Drive at the main entrance to the campus and the lower level adjacent to the Bell Center for Technology. Please refer to the campus map for parking, including visitors and handicapped areas.

Traffic Regulations

Drivers of all vehicles operated on campus roadways are subject to the regulations in the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and enforced by University Police, Pennsylvania State Police and Sugarloaf Township Police in whose jurisdiction the campus is located. Drivers not obeying the laws may be cited by any of these agencies.