Faculty Senate Minutes (11/16/2021)

Call to Order

In attendance:
Albert Lozano-Nieto, Anatoli Ivanov, Anson Carter, Cameron Nielsen, Christyne Berzsenyi, Dale Jones, Deyu Pan, Dimitrios Bolkas, Dudley Snyder, Heather Paris, Jeffrey Chiampi, Jennie Knies, Jeremy Olson, Luciana Caporaletti, Melisa Littleton, Rebecca Sarver, Sagar Deshpande, Theresa Clemente, Timothy Sichler, Violet Mager, Wanda Ochei, Wei-Fan Chen, Willie Ofosu.

Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes from October 12, 2021 meeting approved. First motion by Albert Lozano. Second motion by Christyne Berzsenyi. All in favor.


  • Jeremy Olson (DEI Committee) stated the Chancellor’s Council for DEI needs a faculty volunteer. Olson stated volunteers should email Lorrie Deffley and copy him.  
  • Jennie Knies (Library Committee) stated that Celebration of Scholarship would be held April 7, 2022 if in-person and April 3-7, 2022 if remote. Knies stated the format would be decided February 2022. Knies encouraged faculty participation. Knies stated that formats are expected to vary across Commonwealth Campuses. Knies stated the Chancellor’s Office has committed funding ($800). Chiampi and Lozano stated they preferred an in-person format. Lozano reminded members that the Senate previously asked the Chancellor’s Office to provide annual funding for COS ($1500). Knies stated that University Libraries was providing $500 to fund COS prizes. Knies stated that additional funding for labor costs would be beneficial.  Chiampi stated that the Executive Committee would follow up with the Chancellor at their next meeting. Knies stated that a variety of COS submission formats would be considered.
  • Luciana Caporaletti (Scholarly Activities Committee) stated that the committee would host its first Scholarly Activities Lecture on November 17, 2021.
  • Dimitrios Bolkas (COVID Committee) reminded members to submit COVID vaccination records. Bolkas stated that the deadline for submittal was January 4, 2022. Bolkas stated that the PSUWB campus is required to comply because the campus has more than 100 employees and employees that do not comply must be tested weekly.  

New Business

  • Chiampi reminded members that their local Senate Representatives can relay concerns to University administration.
  • Wanda Ochei reminded members that University policy is that students submit COVID vaccination records or be tested weekly. Ochei stated, currently, 214 students have submitted vaccination records and 100 have not. Ochei stated that slightly less than 100 are being tested weekly. Ochei stated that some of the 100 students who have not submitted vaccination records have been provided testing exemptions. Ochei stated students who are being tested weekly receive four tests at one time from the campus Health Center. Ochei stated student testing data is currently available in real time. Ochei stated that students who miss up to three required COVID tests have a hold placed on their record which is removed if they renew compliance. Ochei stated that PSUWB does not have any students under interim suspension due to COVID policy violations. Jeremy Olson asked how many PSUWB students currently have a hold placed on their record. Ochei responded three students. Chiampi encouraged members to share COVID related concerns with Senate leadership.
  • Lozano reminded members that elections for University College Faculty Council Representative and University Faculty Senator are required to occur by the end of the fall semester. Lozano asked interested members to email the current Election Committee directly.
  • Chiampi stated that himself, the Staff Advisor Council and the SGA currently have agreed to a standing meeting. Chiampi stated that the three parties have met with the Chancellor and expressed their desire for better communication campus-wide and more representation at the campus senior leadership level.  
  • Chiampi expressed the desire that the campus hold allergy/epipen training. Olsen asked if epipens were available on campus. Ochei responded there are two in the Health Center.

Remarks from Chancellor Jones

  • Dale Jones (Chancellor) expressed his desire to improve communication processes and procedures. Jones stated that he had discussed the need to improve internal communications with Jennifer Henniges (Strategic Communications Specialist). Jones stated that he intended to meet with Chiampi monthly in an effort to improve internal communication. Jones stated that he would ask Cabinet members to communicate with staff members faster.

Open Discussion

  • Caporaletti asked that decisions to send PSUWB students to events at other campuses be evaluated more carefully.


  • First motion by Melisa Littleton. Second motion by Olson.  All in favor.