Faculty Senate Minutes (10/31/2017)

Call to Order

(Dr. John Weber) A quorum was present:

Marshall Davis, Marissa Duffy, Melisa Naylor, Willie Ofosu, Wei-Fan Chen, Frouke de Quillettes, Violet Mager, Renee Rosier, Fred Stefon, Christyne Berzsenyi, Terry Clemente, Bill Bachman, Anson Carter, John Weber, Dimitrios Bolkas, Dale Jones, Rachel Olszewski, Jonathan Pineno, Sal Marsico, Bob Faux, Dan Blessner, David Chin, Esra Tekdal Yilmaz, Megan Mac Gregor, Ann Brennan, Steven Putzel, Tim Sichler, Caroline Chronowski


Dr. John Weber requested a review and approval of the minutes from August, 2017. The minutes were approved.


(Dr. John Weber) For the first time in Penn State Wilkes-Barre History, the Faculty Senate meeting is being streamed live via Zoom. Faculty members are now able to join the meeting even if they are not on campus or not able to make it to the meeting location. Thank you to everyone who made this change possible. Many other campuses have received positive feedback on using Zoom.

(Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi) Please write nominations for the many awards that have been sent through the faculty listserv.

(Dr.Walteen Truely) Open enrollment begins November 13th for freshmen students.

(Dr. Willie Ofosu) University Park will begin the improvements to e-mail filtering November 1st, 2017. Please see e-mail sent out on behalf of Don Welch, Chief Information Security Officer.

Communications of Campus Administrators and University Officers




Comments for the Good of the Order

New insurance international polices and medication polices have changed.


A motion was made to adjourn 12:25 PM