Faculty Senate Minutes (10/22/2019)

Call to Order

  • In attendance: Connor Beyer, Albert Lozano, Tim Sichler, Marshall Davis, Dimitrios Bolkas, Lynda Goldstein, Fred Stefon, Luciana Caporaletti, Christyne Berzsenyi, Frouke de Quillettes, Anson Carter, Bob Faux, Wanda Ochei, Anatoli Ivanov, Steve Putzel, Dale Jones, Jonathan Pineno, Sarah Berholtz
  • Via Zoom: Terry Clemente

Approval of the previous meeting’s minutes

  • Motion to approve: Albert Lozano made a motion, Tim Sichler second the motion, All in favor.


  • Welcomed and introduced new student representatives, Connor Beyer who will be on the Academic Affairs Committee, and Sarah Berholtz who will be on the Student Affairs Committee.
  • Reminder of Laureate visit.
  • Benefits enrollment reminder 11/1-11/15.

Communications of Campus Administrators

Associate CAO (Dr. Lynda Goldstein)

  • Faculty workload guidelines. We are using the most current guidelines. The guidelines are the University College guidelines, not campus specific guidelines. Any concerns should be reported to the University College Faculty Council through your representatives, Tim Sichler or Christyne Berzsenyi. Tim has been appointed to the task force that will be looking at the guidelines.
  • Faculty searches. Two of the positions are in Surveying, one replacement and one new position. The third year, Project Supply Chain Mgmt, committee is formed and started. Second World Campus position in Business Mgmt, they will be on campus here, but teach online for world campus. IST replacement position, committee has not received invitations yet. We want someone with security risk analysis expertise since we want to offer the minor. Corporate Communications replacement position, the search committee has accepted and will be getting started. Hazleton RHS program is growing and we will need another shared position in RHS, we are negotiating what the position will look like, committee is just being looked at.

Chancellor/CAO (Dr. Jones)

  • Cara Green is new Director of Development and Alumni Relations as of 10/01/19.
  • Director of Business Services and Facilities, the second search yielded an acceptance, the new DBS will start on 11/11/19.
  • Student Engagement and Outreach Librarian. Megan’s last day will be 11/21/19. Will know more about the interim person by the end of October.
  • Strategic Plan has been extended to 2025. The cabinet had a retreat on 09/18/19, and generated a draft vision statement revision on 09/24/19. Draft a new mission statement on 10/29/19 and submit a reflection report on 11/01/19. In the Spring, redraft the Strategic Plan due on 07/01/20.
  • Enrollment. Wilkes-Barre decreased 438 students to 424 students. We are continuing to make steady improvements on campus.
  • Heating and cooling will be corrected.
  • Discussion amongst Dr. Jones, students, faculty, and ex officio about enrollment.


  • University Faculty Senate Report – report attached
  • University College Faculty Council – report attached

Committee reports

  • Student Affairs – no report
  • Scholarly Activities – One person contacted Jonathan Pineno about a SP20 presentation.
  • Library – report attached
  • Frouke:
    • New Faculty Orientation.
    • Maybe change up the long day in August, Faculty Senate should be a different day.
    • Celebration of Scholarship
  • Academic Affairs – report attached
  • Faculty Affairs – report attached
  • Ad Hoc Constitution committee – no report

New business

  • Possibility of Faculty Retreat
  • Advisory Board Request – Understand movement of student traffic from Wilkes-Barre campus. Only one to provide that information is the College of Engineering.
  • Small change in BS – Me, U park – contact Sal for info
  • Elections
  • Volunteers for - SAF, Student Activity Fee – Jackie Landre
  • Sal to streamline with Sue and Caroline process and procedures of the Faculty Senate page.
  • Appoint a new secretary for remainder of year.

Old business

  • None

Comments for the good of the order

  • None


  • First motion: Christyne Berzsenyi. Second motion Fred Stefon, All in favor.