Faculty Senate Minutes (10/11/2018)

Call to Order

In attendance:

Getinet Gawo, Albert Lozano, Willie Ofosu, Dimitrios Bolkas, Tim Sichler, Jonathan Pineno, Marshall Davis, Caroline Chronowski, Melisa Naylor, Renee Rosier, Steve Putzel, Violet Mager, Fred Stefon, Terry Clemente, David Chin, Anatoli Ivanov, Wei Fan Chen, Frouke de Quillettes

Via ZOOM: John Weber, Allyson Walker


Minutes from April 24, 2018 were approved.

Minutes from August 30, 2018 were approved.


The administration welcomes faculty suggestions for the commencement speaker in spring 2019. Suggestions were asked to be sent to Dr. Rosier ([email protected]) by October 31, 2018.

Dr. Rosier announced:

  • Appointment of Mr. Getinet Gawo secretary and Dr. Willie Ofosu parliamentarian of the faculty senate.
  • Parliamentary proceedings: procedures were posted on the website.
  • Committee charges: it was asked that each faculty senate committee prepare two goals to achieve in the academic year.
  • Senior leadership team meeting and shared governance: Dr. Rosier explained the essences of shared governance. It was discussed that shared governance is ensured through faculty involvement and enhancing means of communication.

Communications of campus administrators

Chancellor/CAO – Dr. Jones

  • Charges to the Faculty Senate: The chancellor gave charges to the faculty senate. He explained the role of the senate in supporting the administration. He thanked all members for their efforts. Dr. Jones asked the faculty to keep the goals, mission and theme of the campus "PSU WB on the Move" in mind.
  • Senior Leadership Team: Dr. Jones explained the members and major responsibilities of the Senior Leadership Team. Mainly the team is concerned with the welfare of the campus. He mentioned some of the purposes of this team: keeping each other informed, feed each other, influence the decision that CAO make.
  • Campus Updates: The chancellor/CAO cited the improvements achieved on recruitment and enrollment, academic program excellence, community outreach and web optimization. He also mentioned the enhanced communicating between chairs and various committees.
  • Reminders: The chancellor reminded all participates not to challenge each other but help each other in every aspect.
  • Question: Dr. Albert Lozano asked the chancellor to give some specific example on how the recruitment has improved. Dr. Jones thanked him for the question and mentioned some examples: advising center stood up, Career Services is made to report to the advising center, articulation agreement with LCCC, ABET accreditation, number of community events hosted on the campus and search for new faculty for surveying and supply chain management programs.

Director of Admissions – Ms. Ellen Gregorio

The director of admission explained updated on student enrollment of Fall 2018.

Student Enrollments
Type of Study # Students
Undergraduate – Bachelor’s Degree 370
Undergraduate – Associate Degree 22
Undergraduate – Certificate 19
Undergraduate – Non‑Degree 28
Graduate – Non‑Degree 10
Graduate – Master’s Degree 1

Enrollment Totals
Level of Study # Students
Total Undergraduate 439
Total Graduate 11

Ms. Gregorio mentioned that the 89% of enrolled students are full time and the male to female ratio of 70:30 both are consistent. She also mentioned the program specific open house initiative and the new Penn State Wilkes-Barre video is being produced.


Dr. Albert Lozano raised his concern on the appropriateness of issuing certificates to high school students who completed the IST program. This issue was forwarded to the Faculty Affairs Committee for examination and suggestions.


University Faculty senators – Dr. Willie Ofosu: The report was presented in hard copy.

University College Faculty Council – Dr. Lynda Goldstein: Dr. Goldstein was not in the meeting.

Committee Reports

Election Committee: Dr. Christyne Berszenyi was elected to a full 2-year term as core member on the campus P&T committee. There was a tie to fill the sabbatical opening on the P&T Committee. Dr. Sal Marsico conceded; thus, Dr. Frank Derby will fill in on the P&T committee for the Spring 2019 term.

Student Affairs Committee: There was nothing to report. The committee met once. Frouke DeQuilletes is chair of the committee.

Scholarly Activities: The committee met twice. Series of lectures have been scheduled.

Library: There was nothing to report.

Academic Affairs: The committee met once and elected Wei-Fan Chen as Chair of the committee. The committee reviewed Chancellor’s charges to the committee. Committee report attached.

Faculty Affairs Committee: The committee met twice. It elected Dr. Anatoli Ivanov as Chair. Committee Reported attached.

New Business

The role of faculty senate committees in undergraduate research and planning the annual campus celebration of scholarship (COS) were discussed. It was discussed which senate committee would be best fit for the COS. The library committee was suggested by Dr. Rosier. Dr. Albert Lozano suggested to fit COS in the Scholarly Activity committee. Dr. Chin and Mr. Pineno supported Dr. Lozano’s suggestion. Mr. Marshal suggested that an ad hoc committee from the Scholarly Activities and Library committee to take the charges of COS. Finally, it was agreed to think over the matter and come up with final suggestion.

Old Business


Comments for the good of the order

  • Scholarly Presentations
  • Next Executive Committee meeting: Thursday November 1, 2018
  • Next Faculty meeting: Thursday November 8, 2018
  • Dr. David Chin applied for sabbatical: replacing the chair elect needs consideration
  • No other comments


Motion made: meeting adjourned at 1:20 PM