Faculty Senate Minutes (08/19/2020)

Call to Order

In attendance:
Members: Christyne Berzsenyi, Dimitrios Bolkas, Luciana Caporaletti, Anson Carter, Wei-Fan Chen, Jeffrey Chiampi, David Chin, Theresa Clemente, Francis Derby, Robert Faux, Lynda Goldstein, Justin Goldston, Stephanie Gresh, Anatoli Ivanov, Jennie Knies, Melisa Littleton, Albert Lozano, Violet Mager, Salvatore Marsico, Cameron Nielsen, Jeremy Olson, Jonathan Pineno, Steven Putzel, Timothy Sichler, Dudley Snyder, Frederick Stefon, Natalya Vodopyanova, Lorna Chin, Maureen Ciliberto, Brian Reese, Heather Paris, Dale Jones, Wanda Ochei, Janine Becker
Invited guests: Margie Esopi, Gail Stevens

Welcome and Announcements

  • Albert Lozano (Chairperson) reviewed the membership of the Wilkes-Barre Faculty Senate.
  • Albert Lozano expressed his desire that membership submit and review committee reports prior to meetings in an effort to make efficient use of meeting time.
  • Albert Lozano provided an update on the Constitution and Bylaws revision. Work on ratification will continue into this academic year.
  • Albert Lozano expressed his desire to suspend the current Constitution provision that a physical presence be required to allow members to vote. This issue is being reviewed by Fredrick Stefon (Parliamentarian). Update from Parliamentarian by email to Albert Lozano dated 8/19/2020: “History always causes extraordinary circumstance: war, the 1918 flu pandemic, and now the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting/voting body adjusts to emergency circumstance. It is perfectly fine to suspend the section and accept electronic presence.”
  • Albert Lozano provided a schedule of upcoming events including Welcome Day and fall semester Senate meetings.

Introductory Remarks from Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

  • [Chancellor Jones’ remarks were moved to the end for better flow.]

Senate Committees for Academic Year 2020-2021

  • Albert Lozano provided descriptions of three ad-hoc committees for the academic year, Constitution Committee (chaired by Anson Carter, Secretary), COVID-19 Committee (chaired by Jeffery Chiampi, Chairperson Elect), Diversity/Inclusion/Equity Committee (chaired by David Chin).
  • Albert Lozano provided descriptions of existing standing committees along with points of focus to be considered in addition to the committees’ standard charges.

Old Business

  • Discussion occurred concerning the current status of the ongoing search for the vacant Faculty Administrative Support Assistant position.

Remarks from Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

  • Dale Jones (Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer – ex officio) provided a welcome and introductory remarks including an invitation to COVID-related meetings later in the day.
  • Dr. Jones invited membership to participate in multiple Zoom meetings later in the day to address beginning of semester questions.
  • In response to the vacant Faculty Administrative Support Assistant Position, Chancellor Jones indicated that faculty members will have to process their own financial reports/requests through SIMBA.


  • First motion by Salvatore Marsico (Immediate Past Chairperson), second motion by Anson Carter. All in favor.