Faculty Senate Minutes (08/19/2016)

Call to Order

12:14 PM (Marshall Davis)




Minutes from April 2016 meeting approved.

Chancellor’s Report

No Report.

DAA’s Report

  • Strongly encourages faculty to use the course waitlist with students instead of paperwork
  • Early drop period ends in 5 days instead of 10 days
  • Students can register for as many credits as needed/wanted without permission
  • No longer a limit to the number of courses students can drop but must pass 67% of classes before facing financial aid probation
  • Students can register for a course a maximum of three times
  • All faculty will receive an email reminder of Early Progress Reports (beginning of the semester and mid-semester)

Committee Reports

No Reports.

Old Business

  • University Park sent back senate constitution with changes and revisions, please review changes and any comments can be directed to Marshall Davis.

New Business


Comments for the Good of the Order



12:45 p.m.