Faculty Senate Minutes (08/18/2017)

Call to Order

(Dr. John Weber) A quorum was present:

John Weber, Marshall Davis, Marissa Duffy, Melisa Naylor, Willie Ofosu, Wei-Fan Chen, Violet Mager, Renee Rosier, Fred Stefon, Christyne Berzsenyi, Terry Clemente, Anson Carter, John Weber, Dale Jones, Rachel Olszewski, Bob Faux, Megan Mac Gregor, Jeff Chiampi, Sal Marsico, Albert Lozano, Dudley Synder, Rick Dierenfeldt, David Chin, Frank Derby, Dimitrios Bolkas, Dan Blessner, Caroline Chronowski, Marissa Duffy, Wei-Fan Chin, Esra Tekdal


Please send updates on research to be included in a report to the Advisory Board September meeting

Thank you Tim Sichler for volunteering to be Secretary of the Faculty Senate this academic year

Committee assignments have been made, the first  person listed will set up the first meeting


Dr. John Weber requested a review and approval of the minutes from April, 2017. The minutes were approved.

Communications of Campus Administrators and University Officers

Thank you for teaching Summer courses, volunteering for events, and attending our campus meeting

Refer all media to Rachel Olszewski x269

Appointment of two ex-officio members of the Faculty Senate: Caroline Chronowski and Rachel Olszewski

New campus groups looking for faculty involvement: Data team, Crest team, and Lion team

 Committee Reports


Old Business


New Business


Comments for the Good of the Order



A motion was made to adjourn