Faculty Senate Minutes (04/29/2022)

Note: These minutes have not been approved yet and are placed here for informational purposes only.

Call to Order

In attendance:
Members: Albert Lozano-Nieto, Brian Reese, Cameron Nielsen, Deyu Pan, Dudley Snyder, Jeffrey Chiampi, Jennie Knies, Luciana Caporaletti, Lynda Goldstein, Maureen Ann Ciliberto, Melisa Littleton, Natalya Vodopyanova, Theresa Clemente, Violet Mager, Wei-Fan Chen, Willie Ofosu.

Welcome and Announcements

  • Jeffrey Chiampi (Immediate Past Chairperson) stated that Dimitrios Bolkas (Chairperson) would not be attending the meeting and that he would be managing the meeting.
  • Chiampi reminded members that Commencement was May 7, 2022.  
  • Chiampi reminded members that the Spring 2022 end of semester campus meeting was May 6, 2022.
  • Chiampi stated that the ARB now has a projection system and will be used at Commencement.
  • Chiampi asked members to respond to a survey distributed by Tyler Pace (IT) regarding software installations in campus computer labs.
  • Chiampi stated that the campus website was being updated to be more user-friendly and that this would go live on June 21, 2022.
  • Chiampi stated that faculty participants were needed for New Student Orientation 2022. Chiampi stated interested members should contact Heather Paris. Chiampi, Albert Lozano, and Melisa Littleton encouraged members to participate. Littleton stated there are safeguards in place to fix errors that occur at NSO.

Approval of Minutes – March 23, 2022 Meeting

  • Minutes from March 23, 2022 meeting approved. First motion by Albert Lozano. Second motion by Melisa Littleton. All in favor.


  • Willie Ofosu (University Faculty Senate) stated that University policy currently is that faculty can provide remote options when class cancellations occur, however students cannot be penalized for not participating. Ofosu suggested that individual policies should be included in course syllabi.

Remarks from Dr Lynda Goldstein

  • Lynda Goldstein (Chancellor) stated that the University-wide recission process requiring the campus to cut its budget by three percent is contingent on a vote by the University Board of Trustees. Goldstein stated the campus has planned for the potential recission and prioritized the following four items: preserving positions, preserving program support, preserving professional development, and making strategic investments. Goldstein stated that the three tenure-track positions that are opening due to retirement this year will not be filled. Goldstein stated that a Rhetoric position is planned to be filled. Goldstein stated that the University has asked the campus to close its four-year English program and that the process has started. Goldstein stated changes have been proposed to the Corporate Communications program that would lead to an increase in the number of writing courses the campus offers. Goldstein stated that the three faculty retirements will be used to offset the recission. Goldstein stated three faculty positions have been filled, one each in Accounting, Chemistry, and Survey Engineering.  Goldstein stated a search will begin summer 2022 to replace Lorna Chin as Learning Center Coordinator. Goldstein stated the University believes 96 percent of Penn State students and 87 percent of Penn State Wilkes-Barre students claim to have access to a laptop. Goldstein believes the campus should investigate adding charging stations, funding for providing laptops, and pedagogy. Littleton asked what the position requirements would be for the Learning Center Coordinator. Goldstein stated the job description has not been created. Goldstein stated the position would require a Master’s degree, curriculum development experience, tutoring experience, and experience accommodating learning issues. Lozano stated that Chin has tutored in Chemistry and Mathematics and asked how the campus would address those needs. Goldstein stated this would be addressed in the hire. Lozano and Goldstein stated the lack of a mathematics placement exam could potentially lead to students being placed improperly. Chiampi asked if tutoring would be available Summer 2022. Goldstein stated Janis Winter will be available in the Learning Center.  Chiampi stated it was likely that some students have inadequate laptops. Goldstein stated it is unclear how the term ‘laptop’ was interpreted while the student laptop data was gathered.  Jennie Knies stated students have not been ‘overly demanding’ of laptops at the campus Library. Knies stated that the computers in the Library computer lab would not be replaced at the end of their life cycle and the room would be repurposed. Lozano stated that it should be emphasized to students that a smartphone is not a substitute for a computer. Chiampi suggested that students should be coached on CANVAS notifications.

Comments for the Good of the Order

  • Chiampi congratulated Dudley Snyder on his upcoming retirement.
  • Lozano thanked Chiampi for his work as Faculty Senate Chairperson.


  • First motion by Snyder. Second by Littleton. All in favor.