Faculty Senate Minutes from 8/19/2015

Call to Order

3:20 PM by Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi


Introduction of Sarah Luvender and information about resources

Chancellor’s Report (Dr. Charles Davis)

Tuition increase is 0% across the board, leaving UP in a financial hole of $15-17 million. Funds from WB campus will be held for UP ($26,000)

New budget model is 90% done, a lot based on student credit hours

Board of Trustees meeting will be held at our campus summer 2016

Faculty are reminded to check class rosters for students who are in registered status vs. not in registered status

New students on the WB campus is up 4%

Director of Student Services and Engagement Report (Wanda Ochei)

Encourage students to use resources on campus and highlight Career Services

Be an extension to Student Services by attending campus events

DAA Report (Dr. Albert Lozano)

Survey SITE (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence)

Enrollment is down and is the lowest among the Commonwealth Campuses

Stress the importance of SRTEs. Faculty members are encouraged to put a statement in their syllabus about completing SRTE. Urge students to provide constructive comments

Academic Integrity — use as a learning tool; the goal is not to sanction but to help student learn from the situation. Online form to fill out for documentation.

Request for faculty senate members to decide what process should be followed for academic integrity; tailor the process to our campus. Is a committee needed or need to be elected?

Searching for an instructor of Arts; request for faculty to serve on committee

Development of a plan to assess learning outcomes

Be sure to complete Early Progress Reports (EPR)

Committee Reports

None. (Committees were assigned.)

Old Business

Alpha Sigma Lambda Adult Honor Society. “We move that the Faculty Senate supports Alpha Sigma Lambda Adult Honor Society.” Motion approved by Faculty Senate.

New Business


Comments for the Good of the Order


Next Meeting

Oct. 20, 2015


4:25 PM