25Live Room and Event Scheduling

25Live is used to request space and resources for classes, meetings, and campus events. (Learn more about 25Live here.) It is also used to populate the events calendar on our campus website, the Mobile Go — Events app, and the Student Engagement app.

Reservation Process

  1. Check the campus Events Calendar to find a good date so your event isn’t competing with other events on campus (whenever possible).
  2. If reserving a classroom, make sure you select a room with appropriate technology.
  3. Submit a 25Live Event Reservation Request, where you can specify the desired room(s) and/or resource(s). (Please note that submitting this form constitutes a request, not a confirmation.)
  4. If you want your event to appear on the events calendar on the campus website, be sure to select the “WB-campus calendar” resource.
  5. If you need resources (e.g., room setup, Safety, IT support) for your event, make sure to enter the resource information into 25Live at least 7 days prior to the event. If changes occur within the week prior to the event, please contact the resource approvers (e.g., the Business Office, ITS) by email (either through 25Live or regular email).
  6. If you anticipate needing Police or Public Safety officers, you will also need to separately submit a Police/Safety Staffing Request.
  7. Please be sure to save while your Event state is in Tentative status.
  8. Once entered and saved, your event request will be forwarded to the scheduler(s) for confirmation and assignment of the resources you requested. You will receive an email notification once your reservation request is approved or denied.
  9. You are able to make minor changes to your event while it is in tentative status. You can do this by searching for and opening your event. Then click on “Edit this Event,” which will open the event creation screens. You can then make the necessary changes and save your event. Some changes require a new approval and will be routed to the appropriate individuals once the event is saved again. To change event details that you do not have access to, contact the room scheduler.
  10. If your event is cancelled, you will need to contact, via email, the approvers for the spaces and/or resources ( classrooms: Stephanie Andaloro; Student Commons: John Vito Powell; Hayfield House: Vinelle Johnson)

Best practices for Requesters

  1. Enter the Event Name.
    Note: If it is a recurring event, specify weekly, monthly, or recurring.  Example: “Staff Meeting - Weekly”
  2. In the Event Title field, enter the name of the event as you would like to see it on the campus web calendar.
  3. Under Date and Time, select the date of your event, and enter the actual start and end times of the event.
  4. Enter information related to Additional Time:
    a. Setup Time: This refers to the time required to physically set up the room. Leave blank, as this will be determined by Maintenance.
    b. Pre-Event Time: Enter the amount of time you will need for preparation prior to the event.
    c. Post-Event Time: Enter the amount of time you will need for wrapping up after the event.
    d. Takedown Time: This refers to the time required to physically clean up and rearrange the room. Leave blank, as this will be determined by Maintenance.
  5. If your event has snow dates, add them to the comments. When specifying snow dates the requester must tentatively reserve the rooms. If the tentative snow date reservations are not needed, the requester must go back and take those reservations out of the system. 
  6. Communication via email is recommended for any specific requests for campus resources like maintenance, security or catering. They will determine how much time is needed in preparation for the event. Specify the pre-event time and post-event time in the notes/comments section.
  7. If you anticipate needing Police or Public Safety officers, don’t forget to discuss your needs with Police and Public Safety before submitting a request form.
  8. When scheduling a videoconference (e.g., Zoom) meeting, always add 15 minutes Pre-Event time to the event.
  9. If an event is already confirmed, and you want to rename it, simply open the event, go to the Details tab, and on the left under “Event Details,” rename your event. 

If you encounter a problem using 25Live, please contact the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Business Office (570-675-9244) or the Registrar (570-675-9233).