Feeling stressed? Worried about how to manage academic pressures, planning for the future, and personal relationships? The CHAMP group can help! CHAMP (Committed to Healthier Academics through Motivational Partnerships) welcomes any student who is experiencing classroom or personal stress.

The purpose of the group is to:

  1. Lower students’ feelings of academic distress as well as stress due to life transitions after college. Students will receive therapeutic exercises focusing on stress management, helping them to develop a skill set to better manage feelings of academic distress and stress.
  2. Increase students’ communication skills in academic and personal relationships. Students will learn strategies for effective communication and healthy conflict resolution/management, reducing their stress and anxiety when communicating with faculty, staff, administrators and peers.
  3. Engage students in personal goal setting during the academic term. Students will complete tasks focused on goal setting, management, and completion of set goals.
  4. Familiarize students with the resources available to them, both on campus and in the community. Students will gain knowledge regarding campus and community resources and ways to effectively access them.

The group meets monthly. Students interested in CHAMP can contact Meredith Cosgrove