Campus Directory - Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Jennifer Adamski [email protected]
Campus Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Murphy Center, 121 570-675-9192
Stephanie Andaloro [email protected]
Assistant Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Murphy Center, 122 570-675-9233
Patricia Arcangeli [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Student Success Services
Murphy Center, 127 570-675-9112
Jane Ashton [email protected]
Director of Continuing Education, Continuing Education
Hayfield House, Room 209 570-675-9251
Kendra Babcock [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Hayfield House, Room 314 570-675-9143
Janine Becker [email protected]
Director of Enrollment Management, Admissions
Murphy Center, 123 570-675-9218
Jonathan Belanger [email protected]
Observatory Assistant, Friedman Observatory
Science Center, Room 111 570-675-9278
Kimberly Bogdan [email protected]
Director of Finance, Budget and Finance
Hayfield House, Room 110 570-675-9200
Karen Brace-Hodle [email protected]
Alumni Relations and Stewardship Officer, Alumni Relations and Giving
Hayfield House, Room 213 570-675-9228
Ann Brennan [email protected]
Assistant to the CAO, Academic Affairs
Associate Teaching Professor, English
Hayfield House, Room 305 570-675-9240
Christopher Burke [email protected]
Information Resources and Services Support Specialist, Nesbitt Library
Nesbitt Library, Room 201 570-675-9214
Lorna Chin [email protected]
Learning Center Coordinator, Learning Center
Part-Time Lecturer, Mathematics
Murphy Center, 102a 570-675-9285
Caroline Chronowski [email protected]
Director of Information Technology, Information Technology Services
Center for Technology, Room 005 570-675-9153
Maureen Ciliberto [email protected]
Career Services Coordinator, Career Services
Struthers Family Center Services Center 570-675-9124
Abigail Collins [email protected]
Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball
Athletic & Recreation Building 570-675-9259
Alyssa Cook [email protected]
Financial Coordinator, Budget and Finance
Hayfield House, 110 570-675-9239
Diana Coslett [email protected]
Student Financial Aid Coordinator, Financial Aid
Murphy Center, 119 570-675-9242
Caitlyn Cunningham [email protected]
Health Services Nurse, Health and Wellness
Athletic and Recreation Building, Room 119 570-675-9250
Susan Cunningham [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs
Hayfield House, Room 101 570-675-9279
Lorrie Deffley [email protected]
Regional HR Strategic Partner, Human Resources
Hayfield House, Room 227 570-675-9103