Associate Degrees

Associate Degrees

IST's Associate Degree (two-year) programs (2IST) prepare students to become professionals such as applications programmers, database administrators, web designers, or systems administrators. Specifically, the major is designed to ensure a thorough knowledge of information systems and includes extensive practice using contemporary technologies in the creation, organization, storage, analysis, evaluation, communication, and transmission of information.

The major fosters communications, interpersonal, and group interaction skills through appropriate collaborative and active learning projects and experiences. Technical material covers the structure of database systems, web and multi-media systems, and considerations in the design of information systems. Team projects in most courses, a required internship, and a second year capstone experience provide additional, focused venues for involving students in the cutting-edge issues and technologies in the field.

2IST Careers

Students with an IST Associate Degree can expect to be qualified for the following occupations:

  • Database Administrator
  • Information Manager
  • Information Technologist
  • Local- or Wide-Area Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Programmer
  • Telecommunications Analyst
  • Telecommunication Technologist
  • Web Administrator or Programmer
  • Webmaster
  • Help Desk Analyst
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Media Technician

2IST Options

The Wilkes-Barre IST Department offers two options in the associate degree program, including one that allows a customized course of study, and another that can be completed while working towards an IST bachelor's degree.

Each 2IST option is described below, along with a link to an option-specific checksheet (a .pdf file containing a semester-by-semester listing of the courses needed to complete the option). For complete Associate Degree option and course descriptions, please download the PDF version of the Associate Degree Roadmap. Course descriptions of the non-IST courses listed in the Associate Degree Roadmap can be found in the Online Penn State Bluebook. To view .pdf documents, you need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

2IST Individual Option

While our associate degree options have been designed with great care, you may not find one that exactly suits your individual goals. This option allows you to work closely with an adviser to develop a plan of study that meets the dual objective of allowing a flexible academic program and providing breadth of technical specialization. An example would be a program where a student would take some of the courses listed in the Network Option and the remainder in the Software Option. The PDF semester plan for the Individual Option can be found in the right-hand column.

2IST Baccalaureate Option

This option was created to allow you to complete an associate degree in information sciences and technology while at the same time completing requirements so that you can easily continue your studies toward an IST bachelor's degree. Completing this option allows you to fulfill all the lower division requirements for your bachelor's. Our other associate degree options allow you to complete many of these requirements, but not as many as this one does. The PDF semester plan for the Baccalaureate Option can be found in the right-hand column.