Student Art Exhibit: Sharing Our Love of Art

February 1 – March 31, 2023

This exhibit features artworks by independent students and students who were enrolled in diverse Penn State Wilkes-Barre courses.  

Students in ARTH 112: Art & Music History — Renaissance through Modern Times, taught by Jonathan Pineno, studied various types of modern art and painting techniques. The class discussed environmental art and how to utilize recycled materials to create art. With recycled plastic caps and hubcaps, recycled cardboard, paint, and glue, class members created their own unique artwork.

Students in INART 001: Perceiving the Arts, taught by Jonathan Pineno, studied various artworks and painting techniques. For the class project, students incorporated techniques from the painting “Purple Splendor” by well-known professional artist Bob Ross. The class members created their own interpretations of the painting while following the painting instructions provided by the artist.

Students in English 179: Food, Writing, and Culture, taught by Christyne Berzsenyi, explored the health and wellness of eating, social roles of food in culture, food in the arts, ethics of animal husbandry, alternative diets, reviewing food service and restaurant atmosphere, food magic, sustainability, advertising, food games, and competitions. The English 179 class members created artworks and sketches related to the course topics and discussions.