Student Exhibit: Forensic Photography

May 3–September 6, 2019

The students in Penn State Wilkes-Barre’s Forensic Photography course explored the principles and methods of forensic photography, as well as the procedures and standards that differentiate forensic photography from “artistic” photography and other methods of documentary photography. Through readings, analysis, discussion, demonstrations, and photographic practice, the students explored the fundamentals of forensic photography, including lighting, image quality, composition, and more.

Students implemented these fundamentals in forensic settings, for evidence documentation such as accidents, injuries, fingerprints, footprints, bloodstains, and simulated crime scene investigations. Class members followed the standards and guidelines created by scientific working groups in the taking of their forensic photographs. This exhibit documents and illustrates some of the students’ resulting work.

Members of the FRNAR 100: Introduction to Forensic Photography class included:

  • Mallory Balchun
  • Vyron Barriera
  • Emily Brzozowski
  • Darielis Duarte
  • Adelaida Glinski
  • Brian Hardiman
  • Ashlee Harry
  • Alexia Herring
  • Kaitlyn Kozick
  • Robert Mastropole
  • Michael McGlynn
  • Madison Michak
  • Kevin O'Reilly
  • Justin Sciandra
  • Morgan Weaver
  • Daniel Williams
  • Eric Williams
  • Jacob Yaple
  • Adam Zoleta
the students of the Introduction to Forensic Photography class

the students of the Introduction to Forensic Photography class

Credit: Penn State