In addition to the General Education requirements that must be satisfied for the Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication, the program offers specific courses fully relevant to the profession. The following is a sampling of these courses. Students should always consult with their academic advisor before registering for specific courses. For further information about other courses, please consult the University Bulletin for Undergraduate Degree Programs.

CC 401: Corporate, Non-Profit, and Government Public Relations. Explores issues affecting profit and non-profit public relations, including crisis management, consumer and employee affairs, environmental problems and global concerns. This course examines closely the function of public relations in all three settings and allows students practice by exposing them to simulations, case studies, and a public relations consulting project.

CC 402: The Media and Public Relations. Publicity strategies involving a variety of media resources. This courses focuses on understanding the different requirements, styles, and techniques of various media and on writing and preparing public relations materials for the media

CC 403W: Studies in Public Relations. Capstone course for the major in Corporate Communication; focuses on case studies in public relations: problems and solutions. This is the capstone course in Corporate Communication that develops students' abilities to analyze public relations situations, to devise strategies to accomplish the organization's goals, and to write materials effectively in a variety of situations for many audiences.

CC 495A: Internship in Corporate Communication. Internship in a business or agency appropriate for a major in Corporate Communication. Communications experience in businesses or agencies that may include activities in writing, media production, planning, public relations, advertising, employee relations, or training.

CAS 252: Business and Professional Communication. Interviewing, briefing, conferring, and decision making; analyzing and evaluating formal and informal patterns of communication in organizations.

CAS 352: Organizational Communication. This course examines the function and structure of communication in both formal and informal situations.

MGMT 321: Leadership and Motivation. Applies organizational behavior theories, concepts, and skills to leading and motivating individuals and groups.

MGMT 424: Interpersonal Relationships in Organizations. Developing individual skills in interpersonal and group settings and experience-based and conceptual training in relating effectively to other people.

MKTG 310: Public Relations and Marketing. Examination of the role of public relations in a company's efforts to manufacture and market its products and services.

PSYCH 423: Social Psychology of Interpersonal/Intergroup Relationships. In-depth study of relationships among individuals (e.g., intimate relationships) or groups (e.g., prejudice, cooperation, competition, aggression, and negotiation).