Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

As we move into the twenty-first century, we are facing some of the most serious social problems ever faced by society, including how to effectively deal with crime in a rapidly changing world. Today's Administration of Justice (AOJ) students are tomorrow’s front line protectors and policy makers. They are the students who will ultimately walk the fine line between crime control and due process. It is a commendable and challenging pursuit for young, passionate minds.

The four-year Administration of Justice bachelor's degree offers students the flexibility to pursue an array of career opportunities in federal, state and local law enforcement and correction agencies, court-related services, probation and parole services, and private-sector security. It is also an excellent undergraduate degree choice for those interested in pursuing graduate studies, including law.

The Penn State Wilkes-Barre Administration of Justice program focuses on the interrelated components of the criminal justice system: public- and private-sector enforcement and investigation, legal systems, correctional treatment, and community services. The Administration of Justice program helps students prepare for a challenging career through a unique combination of formal classroom instruction, individual study, and field experience, while emphasizing the underlying sociological aspects of criminal justice.

The Administration of Justice program offers students the unique opportunity of obtaining either a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree. The student’s choice would depend on whether his/her desire is to achieve a broadly based liberal education focused on the criminal justice system or to prepare for a career in the administration of justice. A degree in the Administration of Justice can also provide an excellent foundation for graduate education or the pursuit of a degree in the law. Graduates of the AOJ program acquire the background to be educated, thoughtful, intelligent citizens and practitioners.

In addition to our four-year degrees we offer certificates in Administration of Justice in two separate areas of concentration.