Reporting Positive Test Results

If you received a positive test result from a third-party vendor not affiliated with the University (for example, an urgent care clinic or primary care physician), you can notify the University of your result by submitting your test result through myUHS.

To upload your positive COVID-19 test result:

  1. Visit myUHS and log in using your Penn State credentials.
  2. Select “I would like to report to University Health Services the result of a COVID-19 test.”
  3. Initiate a secure message and attach your result as an image file (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif).

Once you submit your test result, you will receive a secure email from myUHS to your Penn State email address directing you to log in to myUHS to review your messages, which will let you know if your result was accepted or alert you to any further action you need to take.

If you received a positive result from a test administered by Penn State (e.g., University Health Services, Commonwealth Campus nurse, Penn State departure testing, on-campus testing through Vault Health) your result is already on record with the University and you do not need to submit it through myUHS.

Please note: myUHS is not accepting negative test results. Please submit only positive results through myUHS.